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What Our Students Are Saying

“Joining Dragon Cloud Tai Chi was the best decision I ever made. It helped me to heal old wounds, like my knees, it relaxed me, while increasing my proficiency in my martial arts practice.  Training with Sifu Jeff has been a great honor and journey. Highly recommended!”

Scott Brumley

" I started learning Tai Chi with Sifu Jeff Cook 15 years ago at age 65.  I am still learning with  Sifu Cook at age 80!  It still interests me that this gentle discipline of body and mind can produce such great innner and outer strength and sense of harmony." 

Didi Watson

"Dragon Cloud Tai Chi has been a great stress relief tool in my life. Jeff Cook is a patient teacher. I like how his warm up exercises
led into learning the forum. It takes dedication and determination to come to class but is well worth time. You empty your mind.
You concentrate on moving your body. You move as a class. My muscles are less stressed. I carry my posture much better. It helps your balance.
I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to relieve stress in their life.

Laural Jefferis

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