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Jeff Cook has been studying Tai Chi since 1985 and has been teaching since 1993.  He began his training with Master Chong Teh at the Atlanta Tai Chi Association.  

In 1986 he traveled to China were he trained with various Masters in Bejing, Shanghai, Canton and Hong Kong.

In 1987 he moved to New York City and began studying Tai Chi with Grandmaster William C.C. Chen ( G.M. Chen was named one of the  top 50 most influential martial artists of all time by Kung Fu Magazine).  In 2000, Sifu Cook was awarded status as a teacher of  G.M. Chen's Yang Style Form. ( He is the only certified teacher of this form living in Georgia)  Cook has continued to study Tai Chi with him for over 30 years.  

Additionally, Sifu Cook  trained with the late Dr. P.S. Tao of Taiwan until his death in 2006. Dr. Tao was a senior student of Cheng Man Cheng and was National Director Of Boxing in Taiwan.

Sifu has also studied extensively with Madame Simmone Kuo in San Francisco, wife of the Grandmaster Lien-Ying Kuo.  In 1999, Madame Kuo gave her permission for him to teach the Quan-Ping style of Tai Chi.

In 1999, Cook began studying Chen Style Tai Chi with Master Yang Yang, who was Push Hands Champion in Shanghai for 3 years.  He now continues his study of Chen style with Master Florin Szondi, a disciple of Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai.

In 2001, he began to study Wu Dang style Tai Chi from

Taoist Priest Master Yun Xiang Tseng. In 2015 they took a team to China to compete at Wu Dang Mtn, the birthplace of Tai Chi and were awarded Gold and Bronze medals. 

He continues to to study with internationally known Masters

such as  Liang Shou Yu, Waysun Liao, Cheng Jen Cai.and others.

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