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All students are welcomed both new and advanced. For advanced practitioners training with newcomers is an opportunity to increase their understanding of their art. In a typical class, Sifu Cook teaches Zang Zhong with several postures to bring the body into balance and to let the internal energy begin to circulate. Once Sifu observes that a student is  proficient at the 60-posture form he will extend the training to classes of push hands, Tai Chi fighting, Tai Chi sword, broadsword, and long staff.

Zang Zhong "standing meditation" - This quiets and relaxes the mind and body
Tai Chi Kung "18 postures" - These are light exercises designed to work your breath and warm up joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Tai Chi Form "60 posture Yang style of Grandmaster William C.C. Chen" - This form generally takes 3-6 months to learn and is the main focus of the class.

Yang Style 24 Form - It is also offered at some classes.

Tai Chi Sword (optional) - Once one is proficient with the Tai Chi form

Push Hands (optional) - A two person exercise for increasing one’s awareness and gentleness


It is imbued with all the principles of Tai Chi Chuan and will enforce them while allowing the body to achieve a healthy balance. Qi Gong itself has been noticed by the medical profession. Many articles have been written about how its benefits can help to maintain and promote good health. It can also be used in self defense applications. At the very least, a person will feel invigorated after having practiced Qi Gong for a little while.



  • Cardiovascular - Most recommended aerobic exercise for coronary artery disease (Ng 1992)

  • Respiratory - Enhanced ventilary capacity without cardiovascular stress (Jin 1992)

  • Stress Hormones (Salivary Cortisol Levels) - Significant drop during and after practice (Jin 1992)

  • Immune Response (Blood T-Cells)Marked increase during and after practice (Sun 1989)

  • Mood States (Self-Reports) - Improved mood states, reduction of anxiety states, enhanced vigor (Jin 1992)

  • Balance - Significant improvement in balance maintained (Wolfson 1996)

  • Reduced Falls - Reduced falls by 47%, reduced fear of falling (Wolf 1996)

  • Weight-Bearing Exercise - Alternative exercise therapy as part of Rehabilitation Program (Kirstens 1991)


Mark Twain

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

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